Frequently Asked Questions

We know, the site is pretty spartan. We like it that way. We did, however, think you probably have some things you want to know, so here they are:

What is ER/DR?

ER/DR is a apparel brand designed for Emergency Doctors. In time we'll expand the line to include apparel beyond t-shirts and graphics beyond AC/DC parodies. We promise.

If you have any ideas for new shirts, please use the suggestion box.

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Where Did ER/DR Come From?

In 2007 we were asked to design a t-shirt for a client to be used as a promotional premium for newly graduating residents matching into ER programs, losely based on this YouTube Video.

Initially the client's board rejected the design because it uses the abbreviation ER for Emergency Room, instead of ED for Emergency Department. However, one tenacious insider decided to have the design produced out of her own budget.

That year, at their annual convention, the ER/DR Shirt was the suprise hit of the event, and has been a popular premium ever since.

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Why Market the ER/DR Shirts Now?

We get e-mail pretty frequently from ER Doctors looking for the shirts.

For whatever reason, the client has chosen not to develop more shirts in the line, or offer the originals for sale.

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Why Can't We Buy the Original Design?

When we were hired to design the original shirt, it was under a work for hire contract. That means we don't own the rights to the final artwork, nor can we claim a royalty on the sale or licensing of the original design.

So, instead we're left with creating new original designs based on the same idea, which is that Emergency Physicians are Rockstars. Or ballers, shot-callers...whatever.

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Why Are The Shirts So Expensive? allows us to make the ER/DR products available on an as-needed basis, and that's expensive. If this were a bigger operation, we'd print them in bulk, only on the highest quality shirts on the planet, and in every size imagineable...but that's not the case. Maybe someday.

Zazzle offers a far wider range of materials, sizes, and colors than we could if we were printing the shirts ourselves, but the compromise is that we need to charge more for the shirts, and at the same time, make much less than if we were printing in bulk.

That's why we have a custom/bulk printing form! If you're doing 12 or more shirts, we can get you special bulk pricing.

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